• 01. Raw material quality control

    70% of the quality of real silk fabrics is determined by raw materials. The company has introduced a complete set of raw silk inspection equipment to ensure (according to the characteristics of different fabrics) that the raw materials are used accurately and effectively. It can also issue raw silk inspection reports with market recognition.

  • 02. Preparation Before Processing

    Chunlei has more than 100 sets of advanced wire winders, wire winding machines, wire twisting machines, covering wire machines, warping machines and other various front-end equipment to ensure the process standard of the raw material front-end processing steps, and the quality is controllable. Retrospective.

  • 03. Professional weaving

    Chunlei has more than 100 new Italian intelligent electronic arrow bar machines, providing customers with different widths and different thicknesses of real silk satin products. The annual output of high-quality real silk satin can reach more than 5 million meters.