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  • Yarn to fabric solution

    Mainly produce 90-320CM width, all kinds of elastic, satin, diagonal, spinning, crepe, interwoven and other silk fabrics and products.

  • Standardized solution

    Provide standardized solutions such as inventory, proofing and fashion color release, and provide supporting support for the rapid update of fashion brand products.

  • Customer Relationship Solutions

    Chunlei has formed long-term interactions with customers in the fields of technological innovation and product application, attaches importance to market demand, seeks to establish long-term partnerships with customers, and jointly promotes the benign and sustainable development of the industrial chain.

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About  Us


We mainly produce all kinds of silk fabrics such as satin, diagonal, spun, crepe, georgette, interweaving, and various specifications of twisted yarn with a width of 90 ~ 320CM and 4-color weft selection.

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